New Homes Division

The Trusted Foundation for your New Home

Building your new home can be an overwhelming yet exciting endeavor. The professionals of Volunteer Realty’s New Homes Division are specially trained in the market of new and custom constructions to help you through the process.

From choosing a lot and selecting a blueprint to hiring a builder and completing paperwork, we will be at your side every step of the way.

Building or finding a new home will never be a hassle in our relaxed, professional atmosphere, tailored specifically to new home sales.

Get the most from your new home experience.

Choosing a Development

We help you choose from the finest new developments in Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Hiring a Builder

Dealing with a builder can be intimidating. We’ve researched the credentials of local builders and have worked with many personally, so we are able to recommend reputable and talented professionals to fit your needs.

Selecting the Details

From foundation to finish, we assist you in choosing the details—the trim, the molding, the siding, the colors—that will make the newly constructed house your dream home.

The Paperwork of Contracts and Building Codes

We’ll take care of all the boring—but necessary—details, including all the complicated paperwork. Just sit back, relax and watch your new home take shape.

Volunteer Realty’s New Homes Division can also help you find an already constructed home or condominium, brand new and ready for you to move in right away.

We get you where you want to be: Home